IT Asset Management


Productive IT & EPoS asset management

Knowing exactly what happens to unwanted IT equipment is crucial to effective asset management, which is why our systems provide you with a complete and detailed audit trail of all items sent to us.

Traceability of Assets

From point of collection OCM have full traceability throughout the processing of all assets collected. Our flexible approach enables us to customise our services to match the expectations of customers and meeting all necessary requirements. OCM can therefore provide an accurate and revenue proposal prior to a collection being undertaken.

In order to provide this assessment, OCM require an inventory detailing approximate specification and quantities of equipment to be processed. From this list we will advise as to whether there is residual value in the equipment, which will be used to offset potential costs and in a majority of cases provide revenue back to the customer.

Certified Data Erasure

For hard drives and other storage media that are being wiped of data, our Blancco system will generate a detailed report. Similarly, we can provide a status report for items being destroyed, giving you complete traceability of all your assets, throughout their end of life journey.

Hands-on account management

Given our focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, an experienced manager, dedicated to your account, will be working on your behalf to provide the right package, the best service and all the management information you require.

Upon completion OCM can also provide you with a breakdown of all associated costs incurred during collection, erasure or disposal to be set against payments for resalable equipment, to give you a final net figure.

To find out why being ‘big enough to cope, yet small enough to care’ has enabled us to become one of the UK’s leading IT disposal companies, call one of our account managers on 01386 555008 or email If you would like someone to call you, just request a call back.

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