Nature's Classroom: Inspiring Young Minds


OCM are a sponsor of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. They have told us about their 2023 Christmas Challenge and we'd love to tell you about it.


Today's children are facing unprecedented challenges, including the biodiversity and climate crisis. Sadly, they are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature. Many children do not have access to green spaces and the adults in their lives may lack the knowledge to guide them in outdoor activities. Without wildlife education and exposure to the natural world, children miss out on vital learning opportunities and the chance to form a profound connection to nature and a desire to protect it.


We cannot sit back and watch this disconnection from nature continue. We are already running a subsidised school visit programme, actively connecting children to the environment. But we can't stop there! We have revamped our school visits to incorporate creativity and the arts and developed a "natural learning journey" to empower schools to take action for nature. Through resources, teacher training and time in green spaces we will support schools at every step of their conservation journey.

The campaign addresses the growing disconnection between children and the natural world and provides immersive experiences that foster a deep appreciation for wildlife and the environment.

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