Refurbished IT Services

Refurbished IT Services

IT Refurbishment and Reuse

Extending the life of your IT equipment is our objective and that of our customers. With our  refurbished IT services, you can be sure your IT assets are getting a new lease of life, delivering sustainable and ESG objectives.

We can refurbish and guarantee your IT assets to a high standard to ensure its continued use for years to come. Our specialist engineers follow a stringent procedure for testing, grading and refurbishing IT equipment - this includes pre-installing assets with an operating system.

Choose how your IT assets are reused

Our refurbished IT services allow you to determine how your assets are reused after we’ve completed our work. Some examples of what we can do with your equipment include:

  • Reissue for redeployment - after your IT assets have been securely processed by OCM, you can reissue your equipment for redeployment within your organisation.
  • Donate to charity - following our certified data erasure and IT equipment refurbishment processes, we can manage and deliver your IT assets to your chosen charitable partners with a full warranty and support.
  • Staff sale scheme - we can manage projects to benefit your employees where specific hardware can be sold under a staff sale scheme for an agreed or discounted price.
  • Outright purchase and profit share - we can use our knowledge and experience to offer you the best market prices for your unwanted IT equipment with resale value and ‘control the release’ on large volumes of the same product to maximise your revenue.

We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to IT equipment reuse, which is why we can discuss all available options available to you and we can tailor how your equipment is reused to meet your requirements.

Refurbished IT guaranteed

When we refurbish your IT equipment, it’s done so to a high standard and we guarantee this as part of the warranty we offer for any assets we resell. We follow the strict standard set in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and as a result of this, our return rate on the equipment we resell is very low based on the volumes supplied to us.

Why choose us?

Our refurbished IT services work perfectly in tandem with your sustainability goals and allows you to responsibly resell or reuse unwanted IT assets that might have otherwise been destroyed. Our world leading data erasure solution guarantees all sensitive data will be completely sanitised before being reused, giving you peace of mind.

We can fully tailor what we do with your assets and you will have full transparency as well as a complete audit trail of each and every asset we process. Our thorough and extensive process is safe and efficient and our team are specialised in collecting your IT equipment efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.

Speak to our dedicated team today

No matter your requirements, we have the facilities and resources to meet your needs, so be sure to contact our dedicated and friendly team today to explore all of the options available to you as part of our refurbished IT service.

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