The IT disposal services you need

To enable us to offer the widest range of IT disposal services, we continually invest in the latest data cleansing technology and in updating our storage facilities to meet the often fast-changing needs of our customers. As a result, we have become the first choice IT asset management partner of major companies in the banking, insurance, accounting, legal, retail, utilities, automotive and real estate sectors, as well as public sector organisations.

Secure IT disposal

Your IT assets are brought in to our secure 12,000 sq ft processing facility in secure locked containers, on satellite-tracked vehicles, where they are protected by 24-hour CCTV on-site surveillance and a direct alarm link to a monitoring centre through Dualcomm. Regular independent audits of our facilities are carried out to confirm their continued security.

High capacity facilities

We have the capacity to deal with a complete range and size of jobs, which have included processing the content of 18 articulated lorries in just 21 days, and removing and processing IT assets from 300 retail stores in only two weeks.

World-best data cleansing service

“High levels of security both in and around our facility guarantee your equipment and data will be stored securely.”

To guarantee the complete sanitisation of data from any of your hardware, we use the world-leading Blancco data cleansing system. From a single drive to a complete data centre, you will be able to monitor the entire wiping process, with certified tamper-proof reports providing a fully audited disposal trail. This means you can be fully confident that not only are you complying with all data legislation, but also that no sensitive material will ever fall into the wrong hands, something that cannot be said of standard deletion and formatting methods.

Effective destruction services on-site and off

Our shredding equipment is specifically designed to destroy hard disk drives, DLT Tapes, CDs, DVDs and other media. With the capacity to shred 300kg of material into 25mm pieces every hour, it’s fast, effective and portable, so it can be used at your premises if you prefer your IT assets not to go off-site. For devices like chip and PIN machines, routers, hubs, switches and other storage media, our spiking machine will destroy them by punching through to the main board inside.

The IT disposal service you need

Whether you're in finance, law, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, local authority, government or defence, we offer precisely the IT disposal service you need. So find out how we can help you with your computer recycling and data cleansing. Call us on 01386 555008 or email If you would prefer someone to call you, click here to request a call-back at a time to suit you.

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We have become the first choice IT asset management partner of financial institutions, major retailers, multi-nationals and public sector organisations