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Quite simply we offer a seamless way to dispose of your unwanted IT assets. So we will not only buy them from you, but collect them from site, erase any data they hold, then reuse or recycle all that we can, so only the minimum of waste goes to landfill.

We pay for equipment with a resale value, so 98% of the time we are able to pay out on the projects we carry out. We always agree prices upfront and point out any expected costs we may have to take into account when planning the work.

Yes. We don't 'cherry pick' items, so you know that even ‘no-value’ items will be taken away and disposed of. However, we usually require a minimum of 50 units in order to make collections cost effective.

Data security is central to everything that we do, which is why we have invested in world-leading Blancco and Certus data erasure technology, which is certified by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

If we can’t erase any storage media completely, we destroy it using our own shredder. This chops material into 25mm pieces, which is then mixed together making reconstituting a drive practically impossible. This ensures complete destruction of all data. So, whether erased or destroyed, you have the reassurance of knowing that you will never be compromised by a data breach from disposed of equipment and that you will be fully compliant with data privacy regulations.

We use a spiking machine on devices such as chip and PIN machines, routers and hubs to pierce the main board and then recycle the material accordingly.

It’s sent for recycling, with materials being separated into different waste streams that can be processed and reused.

We audit the entire process, from collection right through to disposal, so we can supply you with a complete paper trail. That includes confirmation of data erasure — our data wiping systems can generate a tamper-proof certificate confirming that for every item — as well as any relevant disposal certificates, such as Waste Transfer Notes. That means you will have a complete ‘disposal picture’ for any piece of equipment.

Absolutely. Once they have been wiped of data, we are happy to pass on any usable computers, laptops, PCs or Macs to a charity of your choice. Or sell them on for staff purchase.

Essentially any site in the UK. You just have to tell us where.

Our collection team are highly experienced and trained to remove equipment safely, efficiently and fast, with minimum disruption to your employees or business. We also collect 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so working outside standard office hours is another option.

We can collect loose or palletised IT equipment from any room or floor at your premises. Obviously, it’s helpful if equipment is organised beforehand, as this can make the removal process faster and prevent any additional costs.

We go out of our way to make sure that the equipment we collect is effectively protected at every stage. To do that, we use Qinetiq approved satellite tracking systems on our vehicles, we security check our personnel, and we make sure that our processing facilities have 24 hour surveillance and are alarmed. A Dualcomm system connects our premises directly to the alarm monitoring centre. It’s all part of our commitment to meeting and exceeding the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System.

Thanks to our reputation for providing the highest quality IT & EPoS ITAD services, we have become the first choice IT asset management partner of major companies in the banking, insurance, accounting, legal, retail, utilities, automotive and property sectors, as well as public sector organisations and government departments.

Our data erasure systems are completely scalable, so we can deal with any amount of equipment, from a single drive right through to a complete data centre, fast, efficiently and securely. For example, our 12,000 sq ft processing facility was able to take delivery of and process the contents from 18 articulated lorries, while we had the logistical capacity to collect and handle IT assets from 300 retail stores, just before Christmas.

In 1987. Historically the company was more focused on computer recycling back then. Today we offer a highly comprehensive IT asset management service for the resale/disposal of end of life and unwanted equipment.

Data breaches can be highly damaging both commercially and to your reputation, so if you’re not absolutely certain how your hardware and data are being processed, it is probably time for a review, just for peace of mind. You can get in touch with our team by calling 01386 555008 or emailing Alternatively, you can request a call-back at a time to suit you.

We can offer a free collection providing we are able to generate revenue from the reuse of the equipment. 95% of collections are currently for equipment with resale value.

The collection, handling, processing, data erasure, shredding and WEEE compliant disposal all have a cost when handled professionally.

Any units that are not suitable for resale, repair or have limited life expectancy due to age are:

stripped of parts removing the processors, motherboards, memory and any other housed cards,

hard disk drives are scanned, removed and shredded in house to 25mm.

The shredded stock is bagged, labelled and weighed for sending to the approved authorized treatment facility (AATF),


The destroyed units are further processed at the recycling plant and shredded to a finer level before being sorted into various components including aluminum, steel and copper. The recycling plant will recover precious metals such as silver, gold, titanium and palladium.

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