Site Visits and IT Asset Valuation

Site Visits and IT Asset Valuation

Site Visits and IT Asset Valuation

If your business has an entire IT estate for disposal or refresh, or has simply reached the end of its life, we can help. As part of our complete end-to-end IT asset disposal (ITAD) service, we can provide you with a site visit and carry out an IT asset valuation.

Utilising our 35 years experience, we can come to you directly and perform an IT asset valuation to allow you to make informed decisions and provide you with a ITAD solution for your unwanted IT equipment. We can help you establish what equipment is suitable for reuse and what assets we can responsibly recycle on your behalf.

Comprehensive ITAD solutions

Following your site visit and IT asset valuation, we’ll provide you with a tailored and comprehensive ITAD solution which will encompass:

  • Certified Blancco data erasure solution
  • Fast and convenient IT collection service
  • Sustainable IT recycling
  • Guaranteed high standard IT refurbishment
  • Detailed and transparent audit trail of each and every asset
  • Dedicated account manager for all IT needs

Specialists in valuing entire IT estates

OCM specialise in buying and selling IT equipment with life and this includes entire IT estates. We can carry out site visits and IT asset valuation for the following:

  • Head offices and regional sites
  • EPOS store rollouts
  • Distribution centres
  • Data centres
  • Storage facilities

As well as the above, we have extensive experience in providing IT asset valuations of your IT estate if an organisation has gone into administration.

Why choose us?

One of the many reasons so many businesses choose us as their trusted ITAD partner is because of our safe, secure and robust processes. We aim to provide a seamless asset management service and our purpose built facility allows us to do just that.

OCM’s site visit and IT asset valuation service allows you to make business decisions so you can act responsibly and sustainably, meeting your Environmental, Social and Governance goals. For example, our certified and verified data wiping service means you’re adhering to strict data regulations. Our commitment to sustainable IT asset management means you’re responsibly disposing of your unwanted equipment, whether we resell, refurbish and reuse, or recycle.

Want an IT asset valuation?

If you’re ready to take the first step to safely and responsibly dispose of your unwanted IT equipment, get in touch with our expert team today, where we’ll arrange a site visit, carry out an IT asset valuation and provide you with a complete ITAD solution around your needs and requirements.

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