OCM demonstrates commitment to local conservation efforts by planting trees at Tiddesley Woods


With a trading history spanning over 35 years, OCM has established itself as a prominent business specialising in the reconditioning, recycling and reselling of IT technology. The company is committed to environmentally responsible practices, processing, recycling or disposing of all hardware components and materials in a sustainable manner.

The 8 strong team from OCM recently participated in a hands-on visit to Tiddesley Woods, with other associates, as part of their ongoing commitment to support and contribute to the conservation initiatives of the Trust, and planted 800 trees in just one day. OCM also funded 560 of the trees being planted on the day.

Jennine Gilbert-Woods, Managing Director at OCM, expressed her continuing support for the partnership, stating: "At OCM, we believe in the importance of fostering a sustainable relationship with our environment. Our collaboration with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust allows us to actively engage in initiatives that promote local biodiversity and environmental preservation. It's a privilege to contribute to the well-being of our local community.”

During the visit to Tiddesley Woods, OCM’s team participated in a bumper tree-planting event in the orchard at the nature reserve, located near the company's business premises in Pershore. This hands-on involvement underpins OCM's commitment to making a real-life impact on the local landscape and demonstrates their support for the conservation efforts of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

“We really appreciate the team at OCM coming out and helping us to plant trees in our Tiddesley Wood nature reserve. The area they’ll be planting in is one where we’ve lost a lot of trees to ash dieback so it’s great that they’re adding oak, hornbeam, small-leaved lime and other native trees that will add diversity and help to make the woodland more resilient to disease and climate change.” Caitlin Stuart, Fundraising Officer, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

In addition to their involvement with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, OCM recently donated £500 to the Pershore Community Cupboard and is due to distribute hampers to schools locally this week.

Paul Mills, Operations Manager, confirms: “Our company places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and community engagement, aligning its business operations with values that prioritise environmental responsibility and social impact.”

CAPTIONS: Paul Mills, Operations Manager at OCM based in Pershore, digging in 1 of the 800 trees that the OCM team planted – alongside other supporters - and on 14th December 2023 at Tiddesley Woods, in collaboration with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Banner image: Kieren James, Arno Cromhout, Aron Letterese and Jack Newbury digging in a variety of trees.

As seen in the Worcester News, Pershore Times and Evesham Observer.

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