So, you need to update your EPoS estate?


Your electronic point of sale (EPoS) equipment has worked hard and profitably for years. However, like everything else computer-related, technology moves on, and system upgrades become essential. Whatever has led you to replace your EPoS equipment; you'll face important questions such as what you should do with your equipment once replaced.

OCM have successfully answered questions like these for organisations facing similar challenges since 1987 and we will do the same for you. From the moment you decide you want to dispose of EPoS equipment, OCM is the proven one-stop resource that will help you identify the most lucrative, secure and environmentally friendly way to do so.

As an established, reputable contractor, every step of the OCM process is fully documented. When our work is done, not only will you have disposed of your EPoS, but you'll have all the compliance records, traceability, and peace of mind you could need. Naturally you will be able to meet any audit requirements and satisfy your corporate social responsibility team.

Why take chances with your EPoS disposal when one of the UK's longest established and most experienced specialists makes the process secure and straightforward? From complete EPoS systems to bar code devices, touch screens and receipt printers, OCM can take care of all your EPoS equipment (and other unwanted IT equipment too).

With OCM as your partner your EPoS disposals will never concern you again. With over 35 years history in the ITAD industry OCM have the experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure your old information isn’t just deleted it is erased permanently. This will help to protect your privacy and prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

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